Monday, June 7, 2010

Trinity River Nest by Texas Artist Kay Wyne

Trinity River Nest - Located in the State of Texas!
18" x 18" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
This contemporary oil painting is finished, signed and drying at the studio. I put some finishing touches on it yesterday, and it should be good and dry for the Texas Discovery Gardens Exhibit. I love to work on series of paintings, so I will be doing some more Nest Paintings for the exhibit. I was also able to almost complete the chocolate lab and landscape commission pieces. Thanks for viewing this blog, and I hope that you have an artful day!


  1. Such a neat painting, Kay. And the Trinity River is a great source of art inspiration. I lived in Trinity a few years back, and loved to explore that area. You did an excellent job/

  2. Love this nest, Kay! The colors of the background are beautiful. Well done!

  3. Yes, lovely colors contrasted with the nest., very nice!

  4. Thanks for your comments...I need to get to the studio and do more for this upcoming will be at Texas Discover Gardens this fall.