Friday, June 29, 2012

LOBSTER BISQUE by Linda Popple

4x4 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord
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Lobster Bisque ..... is there a better soup?  I had this wonderful delicacy in Portland, Oregon at Higgins.   The fragrance of the lobster, cream, sherry and a hint of garlic was enticing. I thought of this soup when Some Texas Artists Like to Paint offered this month's challenge.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Sunflower Workshop Surprise by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Reach Out Sunflower Solo
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Reach Out Sunflower Solo was one of several demos I completed at my Summer Saturday Sunflower Workshop this past weekend. What a great day to spend with students who shared my unabashed and unashamed and just a bit over the top infatuation with sunflowers! I mean, okay, one of us even admitted she has sunflowers painted on my her kitchen door.

In the midst of all these sunflower confessions and before painting commenced and yellow paint began to fly hither and yon, we enjoyed a SURPRISE sunflower bundt cake - lemon with creme cheese icing! This delish concoction for my students was the idea of the hubby, who was on hand to help us set up tables and the indispensable Keurig coffee machine. (Note - the bumblebees on top were cardboard cutouts. No real bumblebees were harmed in the making of this cake.) 

Visit my blog to see some photos of my Summer Saturday Sunflower class. My next workshop is in historic Fredericksburg, Texas, at Baron's Creekside Resort. Put a little joy in your brush and join me for sweets, shopping in the afternoons, and lots of flower painting in the Hill Country. Read more...

Sunflower ladies showing off their blossoms!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Floral by Kay Wyne

My post for the June challenge is an 18" x 18" oil painting, Floral. My inspiration for the painting was a beautiful arrangement that was sent to my daughter for her college graduation a few years ago. I do remember how beautiful they were....and they had a wonderful fragrance. Thanks for viewing this blog....Kay

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dance by the Light Sunflowers and Daisies by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Dance by the Light Sunflowers and Daisies
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board

Dance by the Light Sunflowers and Daisies is the newest painting in Flower Mound Studio, and was named for the late, late hour last night that I worked on this painting. I promise I was not dancing at 2 am when I washed my brushes. You do not want to see me dancing. My sister Julie does all the dancing in our family. The larkspur in this painting have filled my studio with a lovely fragrance, although this flower does love to leave quite a mess in the water and on the tabletop around it after about a day under the spotlight!

I had been saving this 20X24 New Traditions Art Panel for something special, and when I put together my arrangement of white and red daisies (with a few sunflowers sprinkled in) I loved the color combo and decided it was time to paint on the expensive canvas! So I gathered up my courage and told myself as I put the precious canvas on my easel - okay, if I mess this up, worst case scenario, I just buy another expensive canvas!

Dance by the Light Studio Peek while the puggies snore...

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Time flies.....June is here.

June.....What is our theme for the month?
Thanks, Kay