Thursday, June 10, 2010

Along the Coast - Oil Spill Sorrow by Nancy Medina

Along the Coast
Oil Spill Sorrow by Nancy Medina

Oil on Linen
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Scientists are saying that there is another, more dangerous oil plume under the waters of the Gulf. While animal rescuers and Humane Society members try desperately to save the birds and wildlife affected, their quest is heartbreaking. Once the pelicans and coastal birds are cleaned, they are released and often end up right back in the oil again. As temperatures are heating up along the coast, zoologists are stating that the hot oils are scorching the birds in the sun.

While the media has moved on to the more important topics, such as the best summer sandals to wear on your next cruise, this catastrophe continues in what seems total isolation from the rest of the country. Please help spread the word so our beautiful beaches, coasts, and the innocent animals affected will have a fighting chance.


  1. Nancy, thank you for using your talent to pay tribute to helpless victims of this colossal disaster.

  2. heartbreaking story. Hopefully, this beautiful painting will help spread the word.

  3. How exquisitely beautiful, Nancy! We were just on the Atlantic beaches and I could hardly enjoy their beauty for thinking about what is happening to the Gulf coast shores.

  4. Nancy, we here on the East Coast have not moved on. The DE Nature Society and Tri-State Bird Rescue in Newark, DE, have responded with trained teams who are helping in the Gulf. This is a tragedy for the whole country.