Friday, June 4, 2010

Fenced In at Fuel City by Kay Wyne

Fenced In At Fuel City
Oil on Canvas
24" x 24" Gallery Wrap Canvas
This donkey lives in downtown Fuel City. He is always eager to come to the fence, possibly looking for food. He isn't as vibrant and colorful in real life, but he does have a colorful personality. This painting is the third in a series, Fenced In. In this series of paintings an animal is fenced in...usually behind a barbed wire fence. It is hard to believe that this fellow is living blocks away from downtown Dallas, off Industrial Blvd. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing this whimsical contemporary oil painting. Thanks for viewing this blog!


  1. Kay, have seen these guys near Industrial and never realized they could be so colorful. What a great painting!

  2. Our studio is down in The Cedars, so it is easy to buzz over to Fuel City or go to Old City Park to see the "city critters". Painting the chickens and roosters from the Dallas Chicken Coop Tour was fun also. Happy Painting!

  3. Kay, lots of things to like here, but I really like that you included the fence in the foreground, like the combination of verticals and horizontals.

    Fuel City is interesting and so unique that a little bit of Texas can be seen right outside of downtown Dallas, not to mention the very best tacos ever!!

  4. Love the colors, the fence, composition - ok everything! Well done, Kay!

  5. I think I might need a Fuel City taco today...might go check out the donkeys and longhorns. It is a unique place!

  6. What personality! Your choice of colors is attractively imaginative. Nice going.