Monday, May 31, 2010

"Lone Star Longhorn" by Ann Rogers

8 x 10
oil on gessoed hardboard

Welcome to our new "Some Texas Artists Like To Paint" blog, I hope you will visit often. This lone star longhorn can be spotted on the front of a bar-b-q joint in Glen Rose, Texas.

Henrietta by Roxanne Spradlin

Henrietta______watercolor______9 x 12______Roxanne Spradlin__nfs

A Dominique hen is nesting in my grandmother's old enamel dish pan. Her name is Henrietta... a favorite childhood memory from summers spent on my grandparents Texas farm.

The Dominique breed originally started in the United Kingdom. They are thought to be the oldest breed in the United States. They are popular for their lovely brown eggs. Their feathers are perfect for stuffing pillows.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

AFTER THE STORM - James Parker (Texas Theme)

12 x 30 Acrylic on Canvas

Two of the 18, 726,412 things that I can think of offhand that remind me of
Texas are windmills and beautiful sunsets. Quite often, the most dazzling sunsets occur following the frequent afternoon thunderstorms. So I took the two and stuck em on a canvas. Since this a somewhat new style and format (design extends on wraparound edges) from how I normally paint, I wasn't sure how it would turn out. After I finished it, I looked at it and suddenly had an urge to go get a Shiner beer, so I guess it worked.

Friday, May 28, 2010

NEW ATTIRE by Linda Popple

NEW!!! Boating attire for this season in the Gulf of Mexico. Brought to you by BP.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Blue Heron" by Gwen Bell

24 x 24 oil on masonite nfs

These beautiful birds are so elegant and so lovely
to watch. Although they are called Blue Herons, their
color is actually more of a gunmetal gray that catches
the light and reflects the blue of the water.

A large number of them, and their snowy
White Egret cousins, live at White Rock Lake near
my home. The Blues are more common in East Texas.
There is a family that nests and feeds along the shore
at my son's lake house at Lake Tawakoni. They allow
us to approach within 15 feet. I am always struck by
how large they are up close!

I wanted to do a painting showing pristine plumage.
Right now the Herons and other native birds and wildlife
are fighting for their lives on the Gulf Coast. I pray that
as many as possible will be saved along with the marshlands
that they call home.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cowboy Up by Kay Wyne

Cowboy Up
Contemporary Oil Painting
24" x 24" on Gallery Wrap Canvas
This painting was inspired from a photograph that I took of my nephew, Casey...taken about three months ago. He was getting ready to ride in a competition, and my camera caught him putting his chaps on. He need alot of help because they were very tight, and had to have two people working on those chaps. The rodeo arena was in the background, but I wanted it to be abstract and only a suggestion of the fence and the ground. I used oil sticks and oil paints with my wide brushes. I had alot of fun with this painting, and I might start a cowboy series.

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