Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LONGHORN CADILLAC for Anything Texas! by Linda Popple

9x12 Oil on Canvas Board

I spotted this car in the Fort Worth Stockyards on a bright, sunny morning. Texans love big cars and longhorns, so here they are all in one. The license plate reads BLE BOB.....another Texas icon.


  1. Love that spotted this at Billy Bob's in Ft Worth...soooo Texas!!!

  2. I do believe I have seen this automobile! I am sure that the owner would LOVE to purchase it. Very very Texas!

  3. Hey! How did you find a picture of my Daddy's ride??? He had a big black Cadillac convertible with big longhorns on the grill(in the 60's). Mom' made him take 'em off where he moved them to the den wall. Nice compromise.

    This painting really brought back some fun memories. Nice work, Linda!