Friday, January 28, 2011

Walk On

This was a challenge bigger 'n Texas for me . . . it's gone
through many iterations (such a non-cowboy word) over
two weeks and it's still not close to my intention but couldn't
not meet the deadline. It's a subject I'll revisit . . .


  1. The labor pains on this one were well worth it, love all the colors that are in the boots.

  2. Thanks, Ann! You're too sweet! I'll admit that there's lots of process and agony and finding and refinding that went into this but the end result is less than what I'd hoped for. I'll try again! The beauty of oil painting is that it may never be done!

  3. Lorraine, I love the warm and cool color contrast and, same as Ann, the bits and pieces of colors found in the boots. I think this is sensational and this does not look like a struggle at all. Well done, I hope you explore this subject again.

  4. Beautiful, Lorraine! Your painting shows wonderful texture in those old boots. I hope you paint them again!

  5. Y'all are waaayyyy too nice! Thanks!