Saturday, January 15, 2011

COWBOY UP ... HAT by Linda Popple

6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

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The January challenge for Some Texas Artists Like To Paint is Cowboy Up. This term originated in the rodeo. When a cowboy was ready to leave the stall it was yelled, "Cowboy Up!" From there it has come to mean that when life is tough, you don't complain and whine, but you pick yourself up and keep going.

This hat reminds me of my grandfather (we called him Dad) who was a rancher in Gustine, Texas. Dad wore a white Stetson (this hat is not a Stetson). He had difficult times in his life. Work was hard and he took his responsibilities seriously. Dad was a respected and loved person. "Cowboy Up" was not in his venacular, but believe me he did "Cowboy Up" every time a problem crossed his path.

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  1. Linda, love "dad's" hat for this series and the story behind the painting. Fond memories!

  2. Loved Dad's hat! I really like that it runs off the canvas..........much more interesting and it is great for our theme for the month!

  3. Linda....what a great posting. It is so cool to know why an artist paints what she paints. I see a series of hats in the future!

  4. I did not know what the expression Cowboy Up meant, thanks for sharing.

    When my Grandfather passed away, I asked for his cowboy hat. He was a farmer and did not go anywhere without his hat on his head. My Grandmother had saved his new "going to town" hat for me, I explained that although I liked that one, the one I really wanted was the old, worn out work hat. She could not understand why I would want that "old nasty" cowboy hat. Happily, I have them both, love them both, but I really like the old nasty one the best !! Thanks for bringing back some very special memories with your painting.