Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dying Oak - Kirk Witmer

6"x8" - Oil on canvas panel

This was painted from a photo I took back in October when a buddy and I went on a "Sausage Expedition" to buy the necessities for his retirement celebration. It's a view from Hwy 95, not far north of Elgin, and south of Taylor, Texas. We bought sausage in both towns and they were distinctly different. The jury's still out on which one's better. ;)
This piece will be among my offerings on my eBay store, but I've decided for several reasons to postpone its opening until probably February.

Email the artist at: khwitmer@juno.com


  1. Très joli tableau, bel espace, lumineux. On ressent très bien l'atmosphère, l'air, la tiédeur !
    Bravo !

  2. Hi Kirk, this has such a lonely solitary feeling to it (a good thing), perhaps much like the life of a cowboy. Love that whisper of a cloud, too.