Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Slumber

8x8 oil on canvas

Early last summer we spent a weekend at a friend's lake house in East Texas plein air painting. Let me explain, plein air painting in E. Tx in the summertime does not happen, it's just too hot! However, if you set up right on the edge of the lake and your sweet husband serves you iced tea, it's not that bad.

This particular area is a dry county so we came prepared with a few bottles of wine for our evening dinner. At some point David (one of the painters) decided we needed beer, so he and Jay (my husband) took off for the 45 minute round trip beer run. My husband is not much of a drinker, but he was up for the drive and probably was tired of waiting on me and ready for a change of scenery. They came back and were enjoying their new refreshments, which means my husband was drinking his normal 1/2 of a beer, my friends and I were on our 3rd painting of the afternoon and after a little while we realized Jay was missing. Away from all of us, nestled in the shade, we found Jay enjoying a perfect summer afternoon in East Texas.

I enjoyed painting the hammock, the light and shadow and the weight of the hammock was a joy to paint.

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  1. Love this, Angela! After only two plein aire outings with you and questionable results, maybe I should have opted for an afternoon in the hammock instead! Looks like Jay's the smart one.