Friday, July 9, 2010

Grandmother's House by Roxanne Spradlin

When I was a girl, my sister and brother and I would spend a week with our grandmother who lived in East Texas. Life in the country was considerably different than the lifestyle we were accustomed to in Dallas. Friends were few and far between. Food was fresh out of the garden, not fast. Bath water was cold and rationed and we slept with the windows open, a box fan at our feet.
The highlights of the week were tree swings, counting the train cars, shelling peas on the porch and walking down the street to get an ice cold Coke. My favorite was called a Chocolate Soldier.

This painting reminds me of the pale, faded memories of my childhood. It's been 27 years since I last saw my grandmother. How I would love the opportunity to run up the steps, slam the screen door and give her a big hug!

16 x 20 watercolor...................................nfs


  1. You have just described my experience with my grandparents in rural SW Louisiana, how I miss them and the slower pace of life as it should be. Love your choice to paint this in such soft and muted colors, like a memory; well done!

  2. Your sentiments of your long ago lost summers are just as beautiful as your watercolor. Aw, the memories, thanks for sharing yours.

  3. Beautiful painting and beautiful memories. I understand why you don't want to sell it.