Sunday, July 4, 2010

Beach Time by Kay Wyne

Beach Time
9" x 12" Oil on Canvas
NSF - A Christmas gift for my in-laws.
I sent this painting to Ruth and Louie for a Christmas gift. It was a fun painting because of the shadows and the subject matter. My inspiration was a 1990's photograph and alot of memories from our summers in Charlevoix, Michigan. The beach at Sequanota Club was our afternoon hang-out. As my daugher pointed out, it was good that I put a few details in this the tennis shoes and laces, the bouys in the water, and Ruth's visor. I can feel the sun and sand when I look at this painting. I hope to go to the studio today and work on my bird nest. Happy Fourth of July to everyone...I must say that I wish I was sitting on the beach at Sequanota Club today----but, I will be at a fun BBQ and pool party for the Fourth!

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