Monday, February 28, 2011

02/28/11 Nancy's Magnolia

I took a photo of a magnolia blossom in my nephew's yard in N.C. several years ago. I had visions of just whipping this out in no time. HA!!!!! I struggled with the different colors inside of a white flower until I thought I'd scream! My fellow painter, Donna Page, told me that there is very little white in a white flower. No wonder it takes her months to paint one flower - of course she is a photo-realist - obviously, I'm not. This is why I don't paint too many flowers!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


11x14 oil on canvas

Oh, dear it is official, I am not a flower painter. I attempted a few this week, all wipe outs and one so bad, I just threw it in the trash. As I wailed and threw fits, my sweet husband very confidently suggested, "just paint like Nancy Medina". As you know it doesn't quite work like that, but I do like that a few posts down she refers to a glass of wine, now that I can do.

Ann Rogers encouraged me to post this painting. She and I went out last spring together and painted one day in the Turtle Creek area of Dallas. Each Spring the azaleas put on a show and just scream paint me, so we did!
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Tulips" by Ann Rogers

9 x 12
oil on gessoed hardboard

Spring is just around the corner and we are beginning to see small buds on the trees, the tulips will be next!

Friday, February 25, 2011

IRIS by Linda Popple

6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

Central Market had these beautiful irises and of course I bought them. It's a reminder that spring is just around the corner - at least officially! With this weather we are having and seeing some of the trees beginning to leaf spring is already here in Texas!


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$65.00 free shipping in US

Monday, February 21, 2011

Things To Be - Sunflowers by Nancy Medina

Things To Be - Sunflowers by Nancy Medina

Things To Be Sunflowers is the newest work in Flower Mound Studio, and is a contemplative piece that finished my evening. I often paint carefully, with a goal and plan. At the end of hours of this precision, I pull out a blank canvas, pour a glass of wine, and see if I can paint something in under 20 minutes letting my subconscious pull from the materials at hand, with as little forethought as possible. You can see the inspiration for Things To Be on my Art Blog.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


6x6 Oil on Ampersand Gessobord

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I bought these flowers at Central Market. These white ones were beautiful and there were also purple ones. They have long strong stems. They are very unusual and fun to paint.

$65.00 free shipping in US

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bee Industrious by Kirk Witmer

Oil on Masonite - 8"x10" (20x25cm)
I got really lucky one day last summer as I was practicing with my telephoto lens. All set up on the tripod and just as I was about to push the shutter button a bee flew by yelling "HEY!!! I wanna be in the picture too!" and jumped onto this Mexican sunflower. What more could a guy ask for!
I had fun with the background on this as I tried to capture the blurring you get with a shallow depth of field from using a longer lens.
I like for my paintings to tell a story so I normally don't paint flowers because I can never figure out what story they might bring to mind. But this was on my inspiration board and I thought I'd move it up to a priority to get it in for this months "Flowers" challenge on "Some Texas Artists Like to Paint". Hope the ladies over there like this flower I painted for them! :)

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

French Iris

These are real French Iris, that is, I found them in France. They were growing along a wall in Burgundy and reminded me of a Van Gogh painting I had seen somewhere. They actually look bluer in this photo than I painted them. I just can't get the right colors which are more lavender and purple. I haven't mastered the photo editing "thing" yet.

Cactus Buds by Sharon Hodges, 11x14

I may be pushing the edge of our definition of 'flowers' this month, but I love cactus in bloom, especially the moment just before the pods burst open with the yellow flowers. That's when I painted this one...the yellow flowers are pushing their way out and will soon be screaming for attention. Now, they are just a whisper. If you have interest in this painting, please contact me. To see more of my work, please visit my blog or website. Thanks for looking!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter Primrose by Jean Townsend

It is a happy thing to do flowers in this arctic month.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Iris Blooms by Sharon Hodges

With this month's theme of flowers, I am struggling to contribute. Flowers generally bring me to my knees. They are, for me, challenging subject material, nevermind that I do enjoy them so much. These irises faithfully poke their heads thru the earth every spring in my yard. I painted them last spring, and I can hardly wait to see them this year, especially with all the snow and ice we've had this winter. This painting struck a chord with a visitor to my studio who bought it before it was dry...maybe I should be less afraid of flowers!

"Sunflowers in Blue and White" by Ann Rogers

8 x 10
oil on stretched canvas

Haven't been painting many flowers lately, but when I do, sunflowers are a favorite. They say "summer" anytime of the year and are especially welcomed during our recent frigid temps throughout Texas this month!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shelf Life by Mitzi Easley

Shelf Life: Kitchen, Top Right by Mitzi Easley
8x8, oil on panel
$115, please visit Mitzi's blog!
I hope these primroses qualify me for the February "flower" theme. I greatly admire my fellow artists who paint flowers so beautifully. I attempt it faithfully about twice a year - and always when the little pots of primroses arrive at the grocery store. Click here to see last year's variety. Visit my blog to see more in this recent still life series titled 'Shelf Life.'

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cone flower by Carol Morgan

Love it when the background blurs and the image POPS! This is a flower that is helpful at this time of year. It has the property to help recover from colds and such. Hope no one needs it ! Make it through the latest prediction of ice and snow and spring will show up sooner or later. Hope it is sooner!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"One Big Happy Family" by Gwen Bell

12 x 12" oil on canvas SOLD

Thought this group of Shasta Daisies looked like
a bright, happy family. Dad is the big yellow,
Mom is the solid red, little brother is yellow like his
Dad and the twin girls take after both parents.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Silent Serendipity White Poppies Nancy Medina

Silent Serendipity White Poppies
by Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen Board

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Silent Serendipity was a fitting work to close out a long year in Flower Mound Studio. I could see 2010 as a terrible year, the year my mother became so ill, the year that my little pug Howard had to go to the emergency room. Instead I will see it as the year my mother miraculously got better after the doctor told us there was no hope. I will see it as the year we realized Howard was sick enough to get to the hospital immediately, and so his life was saved.

Sometimes life is so busy and noisy, I forget there is another way of seeing. I have so much to be thankful for!

Lazy Daisy by Carol Morgan

One day while walking my dog, I came across this daisy in one of my neighbor's front yard. I got as close as possible and shot. The sun was shining brightly and the background blurred some. Loved it! Whites are never white and there were a ton of colors in those little white petals. It turned out well even if my photo isn't so great (pardon the bottom of my easel).
Wishing it was as warm and sunny as the day I photographed this little daisy,right now. Thanks for taking time to look at this blog on this cold and icy day.

Floral by Texas Artist Kay Wyne

18" x 18" Oil on Canvas

This colorful floral was inspired by a beautiful arrangement that my daughter recieved when she graduated from college. Actually, it now hangs in a home in Chicago, Illinois. I stepped out of my comfort zone with the turqoise and orange paint. Lots of wide brushstrokes and bold colors. Thanks for viewing! Stay warm...I think it is another icey day in Dallas. Kay

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In the Garden of Eternal Spring by Kirk Witmer

18 x 24" - Oil on masonite
Well ... hey! It's got flowers in it! :) (Those daffodils were tough!)

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Floral Palette Knife Painting by Kay Wyne

24" x 24" Oil on Canvas
Still life palette knife hanging at Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas, Texas. I used oil sticks, oil paints, brushes and knives on this painting. As usual, I have alot of color going, and have a loose look on the canvs. Thanks for viewing this blog and the art posted here by Texas Artists!!!! Kay