Monday, February 28, 2011

02/28/11 Nancy's Magnolia

I took a photo of a magnolia blossom in my nephew's yard in N.C. several years ago. I had visions of just whipping this out in no time. HA!!!!! I struggled with the different colors inside of a white flower until I thought I'd scream! My fellow painter, Donna Page, told me that there is very little white in a white flower. No wonder it takes her months to paint one flower - of course she is a photo-realist - obviously, I'm not. This is why I don't paint too many flowers!


  1. Quelle lumière magnifique sur cette fleur de magnolia ! Bravo !

  2. I agree with you on painting flowers and white things, both are harder to capture than you would are so multi dimensional and whites are not pure white. Good job on the magnolia, Carol.

  3. Good job, Carol!! White is always a challenge, but your magnolia is really beautifully painted and with the dark green background sounds out.