Sunday, May 29, 2011

Baby Rae

I looked at Carolyn Anderson's paintings before attempting this
daunting challenge, which isn't really evident here. This lovely child
was visiting her grandparents a few weeks ago and Regina Taylor
caught this pose with her camera. I started getting the hang of it when
I got to her hand and learned a lot . . . wanted to try again before
posting but May is quickly disappearing!


  1. Lorraine, this is absolutely perfect in every way...from the colors to the broad brushstrokes, I am in love with this one, you must paint more portraits!

  2. I agree with Angela. I like the looseness and colors are lovely. I'm still struggling with this challenge. And time is flying!!! :-)

  3. So nice, Lorraine, great soft flesh....

  4. Lorraine, Angela is right...this is absolutely perfect...I think you nailed it in every way...beautiful work!

  5. you have made robert henri very happy with this painting and me too!!!