Sunday, May 1, 2011

05/01/11 Little Boy Blue by Carol Morgan

This is my neighbor's grandson, Christopher. I was just working on a monochromatic level blocking him in and I liked it so much that I left it as it was. If you've ever done this as an exercise, it is very interesting and can be challenging. At the last minute I gave his cheeks a bit of color and used a palette knife on his blonde hair. The whole effect was widely approved by my painting friends in the studio, so I "Stepped away from the canvas."


  1. Such a fun painting, Carol, bet the parents loved it! Call me when you want to exchange books!

  2. Well there's so much I just wanted to articulate on most of the excellent blogs of yours. First of all the mind of one who can see the light of the true art is indeed the enlighten one. What has thy mind seen in the deepist of the darkness-for you bring a bright glow of many hopes for a better day.I for one shall be much more into the arts than before,but not just due to your fine eye;but because of your nice eyes and others.Please keep up the great work, so all of humanity might view it each day. May the lghts of many stars lead you to a road of pure love in humanity-thank you.