Sunday, December 26, 2010

Winter Wicker

About 20 years ago I found myself longing for a wicker
chair. It may have been the move from Aspen to San
Antonio and trying to embrace life in a hot southern clime.
They weren't expensive but the house was mostly factory
and my joke then was that I needed a $50,000 addition to
the house before I could have the $100 chair. A couple of
years later a friend was moving and gave me this chair! Ask
and ye shall receive? It's a sweet memory . . .
This photo isn't as accurate as I'd like. There are transparent
greens along the far edges before it fades into dark but the
camera wasn't being cooperative. Anyway, true to my deadline
oriented self, my "Chair" just before the month ends.


  1. This wicker chair just spells warm summer nights in the garden. Great entry, Lorraine!

  2. A pretty little painting - I like your edges and the softness, it gives your wicker chair a dreamy quality. A nice rendition, considering it was a dream of yours to own.

  3. Photographing artwork can be so discouraging, especially when you want to portray every little detail in a beautiful painting as this one. I love wicker furniture (for some reason the husband does not), and am so glad you now have this special chair. I love how I feel as though this chair is nestled under a mighty Southern shady oak tree; beautiful painting, Lorraine!

  4. It was under a huge red oak, photographed in the late afternoon! Thanks for your nice comments everybody!