Friday, December 31, 2010


8x10 oil on canvas panel
Just under the wire for my entry in this month's chair theme. I have a pair of these large overstuffed chairs in the living room, facing directly opposite of each other and perfect (if you're Cowgirl) for either looking out the front windows or the back french doors. If you are Cowgirl, the only way to sit in these chairs is to climb up onto the top of the cushion, sit in the center and make sure you squash the cushion into a perfect V shape. Apparently, these are the best seats in the house for watching important stuff like, people walking their pets, squirrels hiding nuts, children playing, and leaves blowing in the wind. All of these things bring loud barks and whines alerting me to the crazy antics of my neighbors; thanks Cowgirl, I'm not sure what we would do without your watchful eyes.

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  1. Love this, Angela, and it brought back so many memories of our last pet who "had the same seat" in the house, only followed the sunshine so she could always stay in the warmth of the light!