Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Reemergence" by Gwen Bell

30 X 24 oil on canvas nfs

I missed the Challenge last month so I'm getting it
in early this month for the "Dreams"

It is so exciting to really step out of
my comfort zone
and do something completely
different and conceptual.
This has a lot of personal symbolism from a time that was
particularly scary and isolating as a young child. I still
have reoccurring dreams about it. I used
several references
of myself: one terrified, one trying to
figure it all out and
one attempting to reemerge as the happy


  1. Gwen, this is so totally unlike your other works, I had to look twice at the name to make sure it was yours! But really like it, very thought provoking in an abstract way.

  2. This is such a stong, emotional piece and the transformation is evident (thankfully it is a happy one!). Did you find it difficult to relive your struggles or was it a catharsis? It is a beautiful painting, Gwen. And as Ann said it provokes many thoughts in the viewer. I really like it!

  3. Thanks Ann and Linda. This was actually the painting that started me on my painting journey. I had always done Commercial Illustration and never wanted to paint for myself. I had all of this stuff inside that needed to come out and once it did I had a desire to paint. It was a process and this was the culmination of several. I still like to let go an do some emotional, off the wall paintings now and then. This little site of ours is the perfect incentive to do more.

  4. Where's the "dreamy" crazy fabric and coffee mug? :-)

    I love seeing something so different from you, very nice. Thanks for sharing, these different topics will definitely be an incentive for us to try other things.