Monday, April 4, 2011

Croquet, Anyone? by Kay Wyne

Croquet, Anyone?
This little 4" x 6" oil painting is on a cotton panel.
I liked the look of the mallet and ball and then threw in the post.
It was fun...and you need the mallet (a game tool?) to play croquet.
Thanks for viewing this blog. Have a great day.


  1. Good for you, Kay!! From not knowing how to meet this challenge, you've found more than one way. And it's a really nice, lively, colorful painting. Not your druthers (I get it) but you've stepped up. That's what this site is about, right? Moving beyond our comfort zones? Smashing!

  2. I haven't played croquet in a while but it is a great spring/summer game. Great painting of the tools of the game.

  3. Looks like are becoming the queen of tools, nice one!

  4. See, there you are running with the tool category; great idea and nice solution, Kay