Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wild Blue Yonder by Roxanne Spradlin

Wild Blue Yonder....4' x 3'.....oil....on gallery wrapped stretched canvas.

Here's close up view.

Oh, how I love West Texas! With it's big open range and endless blue sky. Simple, yet majestic!

Recently, I posted a smaller version, a study really. Angela's comment got me to thinking and I decided to paint it big! 4 feet x 3 feet...if I do say so myself it's a keeper. The iphone pic doesn't capture all it's glory but you get the jest of it. Thank's Angela!


  1. Yes, definitely a keeper! I also love the big skies in West Texas!

  2. Hi Linda!...T'is a keeper for sure!Sure does give that "BIG" Texas feeling of space!

    Love that small zed pattern as a lead in ... as well as those puffy... atmospheric clouds!

    A gem!
    Good painting!
    Warmest regards,

  3. Wow! 4'x3' is big and perfect for the Texas sky!! It's just beautiful! Well done!!

  4. My, my, my...finally someone listens to me! :-)

    I love this large and so want to see it in person. This one (I guess 2 paintings) are masterfully painted! Oil or acrylic, and what did you paint this on?

  5. I really love this painting. I have returned to it again and again.
    It makes me feel serene and sort of fluid at the same time.