Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fish Lesson

Indian River by Roxanne Spradlin....24 x 18....acrylic...Sold

This is the Indian River. There are fish in the Indian River. Can you see them? Which reminds me of something we often forget. There are many things our eyes cannot see. Name one.


  1. I like the format you used. It really accentuates those tall trees.

    The first thing that comes to mind regarding something we can't see is love. We certainly can experience the out pouring of love, but love itself is invisible. Interesting to see what others think of to add.

  2. One thing you can't see is "thoughts", and my thoughts are that this is a lovely painting! I agree with Linda on the format, perfect for these incredible palm trees and sky. The touch of red on the boat is the just the right accent.

  3. What a lovely painting that has wonderful colors. Love the size of the canvas. I think Roxanne did a great job of painting a mood and atmosphere on canvas. I can't see the bottom of the river.....

  4. I see the palm fronds swaying in the gentle breeze and might I add, those palm fronds are spectacular! I agree with Kay, love the mood and atmosphere you've created, Roxanne.