Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fish Fry by Kay Wyne

Fish Fry
Contemporary Oil Painting
18"x 18" Gallery Wrap Canvas
Here a large fish in skillet painting...It has broad brush strokes and more detail than yesterday's posting. It is on a gallery wrap canvas, 18" x 18". It is large and loose. I thought these were rainobws, but I have been corrected by the person who caught these fish (husband John). They are probably brook or brown trout. But not rainbow. I think I wanted them to be rainbow because in my mind, they would be colorful. But I stand corrected. This painting brings back many memories of our summers in Charlevoix, Michigan when John would go trout fishing everyday and my mother in- law would fry them up for breakfast or lunch the next day. Of course the frying pan was sitting on an old gas stove in the cottage.


  1. I love this! Love the composition and colors. Very nice Kay. I can smell them cooking!

  2. This is wonderful, Kay! Lucky you to have your husband catch such a bounty and your mother-in-law to cook them! :-)

  3. Wonderful, this brings back many, many memories of family get togethers where fish was cooked outside and served with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. Really like these fish arranged on the diagonal.

  4. Great painting Kaye! Good colors and composition!