Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gold Beets

Gold Beets    oil on canvas, 11x 14....................................................................$275
 It's been over a year since I've posted art on STALTP. I apologize in advance for not knowing the October theme. However, it is great to be back. Settled in Temple Texas, with a home studio I can hardly wait to break in!

Recently, at the grocery store I picked up these gold beets and was smitten with the color. Not a beet fan, I had no plans to eat but simply to paint them. I enjoyed every minute and think they make for delicious art! The following day after googling recipes, I decided to roast them, finely chopped, tossed with olive oil, with a little salt and pepper for 25 minutes at 400. Boy, was I in for a nice surprise!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the cooler weather.

Happy fall y'all!


  1. Not much posting here so was surprised and happy to see these gorgeous beets! Love the colors and composition. And, the recipe sounds good, too! Good to see you back!

  2. Thanks Linda! How are you?

    Where is everybody?

  3. I agree with Linda, nice composition and lovely colors. Angela keeps this blog going with the monthly themes, but if you don't know, she has had medical problems with her dad and her husband. Fortunately things are much better but still busy for this blog has no theme for this month. I say "let's just post what's new on our easel"!!!!!