Monday, August 13, 2012

Butterfly Flight by Texas Flower and Occasional Bug Artist Nancy Medina

Butterfly Flight - Monarch by
Nancy Medina
Oil on Linen
Commissioned Work

Butterfly Flight was a commissioned work for a client in Montreal. This is not nearly as stunning as Kay Wyne's gorgeous dragonfly for the blog this month, but it sure was fun to paint the little windowpane wings! For a few lucky years when I was single, I lived in Santa Barbara, CA, and used to take my dog Buddy on walks at one of the tiny hidden lakes in the county, unknown to the tourists but beloved by the locals and birdwatching groups. One day while walking, I looked up to see a tree filled with what had to be hundreds of thousands of Monarchs. What signal or word did they share that let them all know it was time to land and rest on their journey? I will always wonder.


  1. This is really beautiful, fabulous colors and background !

  2. Wonderful colors and organic natural forms. Reminds me of a painting like Rainy landscape, by Russian painter
    , that I saw at, from where one can order a canvas print of it.
    Really good place to browse the painter’s work and other work similar to your style of painting.

  3. the square format and the colors. another great painting!!!