Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pug Mug by Texas Artist Nancy Medina

Mistah Chu's Pug Mug
Oil on Linen Board
Nancy Medina Web Site

Mistah Chu is a very spoiled pug who lives in Arizona with his family. He spends his time basking by the pool, eating, and napping indoors by the AC when the weather gets warm. He's about the best example of a mug shot I have in my repertoire, although my own pug Howie, is much more likely to end up in a police station lineup for breaking the law than Mistah Chu. Mistah Chu's mom assures me he is, most of the time, an absolute angel.


  1. How cute Nancy! I'm thinking about painting another Pug tomorrow. :)

  2. Perfect subject, Nancy!! Mista Chu doesn't look like he could commit anything more than too much licking! He is just too sweet!

  3. Nancy, this is the best pug mug I have seen!!! Love it. KMW

  4. Mugshots don't get any better than this!!!

  5. Thank you, Mistah Chu agrees he is most good looking... ; )