Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have the fondest memories of my grandparents love for gardening. Fruit and vegetables were rarely, if ever, purchased at the grocery store, instead all was grown with their loving hands. Their surplus was shared with all and what could not be shared was "put up" for the months ahead. I, on the other hand, depend on the grocery bins and the local farmer's market for my fresh produce.

Carol, this painting is for you for the Texas Moleskin Round-Up. I had to double-dip and borrow the What's for Dinner theme and use it for your Sides theme, too. Folks, I'm so sorry I missed the last couple of months, hopefully I can catch up and participate now.


  1. We have a rule at the Wyne house: No Double Dipping......that is with food. But with art, Double Dipping is just fine. I have done it also! Carol will love this painting. I have memories of great garden veggies and fruit from the midwest. I think this is a great little painting, and I hope that you are doing well.

  2. I love it! It is so colorful and fun.

  3. I am thrilled to have this painting in my Moleskin! I simply love it!!:-)