Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunbathing Boy by Carol Morgan

This little guy was sunning for the first time and his Nanny put this cute hat on this precious baby. He just looked so content sitting there like a little Buddah !! He is definitely a waterbaby. Well now he is 3 or 4 years old and I bet he still loves the water. I know his momma loved the painting.


  1. Loe this painting...Love Tyler!!! He was the cutest little baby. You captured the mood of him floating around in the pool.

  2. I would have said it's definitely a Kodak moment, but I guess it's more like a Linda Popple Painting Moment! How adorable and what a wonderful memory to cherish in a painting.

  3. Carol,
    This is one of your best paintings...You really caught his pout, and the mood of the moment! Great work!

  4. I'm sure his mom did love the painting. It is a priceless piece of art.