Monday, March 14, 2011

In Vino Vanitas

The wine glass was full, but now it's empty.
At 24x36, I believe this is the largest work I've ever done.
A vanitas painting uses symbolism to depict the brevity and possibly even the futility of life. For more information on vanitas paintings, click here.

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  1. Good reflections in the silver pitcher. I like the broken glass. Very nice and good interpretation of the challenge.

  2. Empty and broken! Kirk, this turned out so well, am so impressed with all the detail work, all beautifully painted!

  3. Well done...I'm impressed. thanks for sharing the journey. Lots of symbolism here, just like i like...much to ponder!

  4. This is very nice and I really like the organization of all of the elements; very well done, Kirk.

  5. You have an amazing facility, Kirk! Wonderful interpretation of the challenge and beautifully done!