Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Blue Heron" by Gwen Bell

24 x 24 oil on masonite nfs

These beautiful birds are so elegant and so lovely
to watch. Although they are called Blue Herons, their
color is actually more of a gunmetal gray that catches
the light and reflects the blue of the water.

A large number of them, and their snowy
White Egret cousins, live at White Rock Lake near
my home. The Blues are more common in East Texas.
There is a family that nests and feeds along the shore
at my son's lake house at Lake Tawakoni. They allow
us to approach within 15 feet. I am always struck by
how large they are up close!

I wanted to do a painting showing pristine plumage.
Right now the Herons and other native birds and wildlife
are fighting for their lives on the Gulf Coast. I pray that
as many as possible will be saved along with the marshlands
that they call home.

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  1. You have captured such a profound feeling in this painting. It is heartbreaking to see beautiful herons flying about with oil coating their legs and wings. Your painting is a touching tribute to their plight. Stunning light!

  2. Gwen, this is beautiful and composed wonderfully within this square format. These are one of my very favorite birds, I see quite a bit of the white herons along the Trinity River as I commute to work. Thanks for reminding us of their beauty.

  3. This is beautiful, Gwen. I love your composition and the extended wing that catches the light. They are magnificent birds and you've captured that quality. Well done!

  4. Lovely, Gwen, and a beautiful tribute to the wildlife along the troubled Gulf shores and wetlands.

  5. Good going, Gwen! A nice piece on a nice subject... herons and egrets are always a delight, and often a challenge, to paint... but you succeeded well.

  6. Hello, I wandered in from Oregon. The painting is lovely. We enjoy seeing the Blue Heron's in the Pacific Northwest along the Columbia River and Oregon Coast. I'm so sorry to hear about the plight the oil has caused.....and what is yet to come. I hope a resolution is found soon. Keep painting.